IteraMed Research and Development Services


  • Patent Landscape Evaluations
  • Virtual Screening and Modeling
  • Synthesis of Leads and Analogs
  • Drug Likeness Assessments
  • Natural Products


  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Screening
  • Lead Optimization
  • In Vitro ADME and Safety
  • PK and Efficacy


  • Crystallinity Evaluations
  • Formulation Development
  • Process Development
  • cGMP Synthesis

Fold Improvement in Therapeutic Index

U.S. Patents Secured

Peer Reviewed Papers Published


Oral Bioavailability Improved

  • Inexpensively generate novel compounds for neuroprotection project at KannaLife Sciences, outsource their synthesis, build team of pharmacologists, and demonstrate improved biological properties.
  • Scale-up of Lead Compounds for academic researchers. Expert witness for a cases involving synthetic cannabinoids and patent disputes.
  • Design and synthesize tissue targeted drug for local Biotech company and overseeing crystallinity assessment studies for its development.
  • Devise practical synthetic pathway to avoid patented route and strategy for its GMP production.
  • Perform synthetic studies to determine the major human metabolite and provide reference materials for LC method development.
  • Provided IP landscape evaluation for Boston based Biotech Company, proposed new chemotypes to broaden patent portfolio, and monitored their synthesis.
  • Participate in Chemistry Advisory Board to evaluate medicinal chemistry progress and propose new molecules for synthesis.
  • Prepare drug discovery due diligence reports and research proposals for business development opportunities within major Pharmaceutical Company.

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